Take some tips from billionaires

Highly successful people come from all different backgrounds, but they share some common habits, according to author Paul C. Brunson. Brunson has spent time working with celebrity Oprah Winfrey and billionaire Enver Yucel and noticed that the two shared some common working habits, habits that those of us with less than a billion dollars can also practice.

1. Keep growing.

Take the time to invest in your own self development. Don’t ever stop learning new skills and exploring new areas.

2. Stay curious.

Successful people notice things that other people may think are obvious or totally obtuse. Sometimes those things lead to new ideas, new developments, or new ways of doing things.

3. Take responsibility.

If something goes wrong, don’t try to cover it up. Own it, and make it right.

4. Take risks.

It has been said that people who take risks live longer, happier lives. “If you’re not taking risks, you’re not making moves,” says Brunson.

5. Build a team.

Highly successful people don’t try to do everything themselves. Surround yourself with good people and work with them to build your dream.

Read Brunson’s complete article with many more tips from highly successful people here:http://www.huffingtonpost.com/paul-carrick-brunson/20-habits-for-success_b_4739731.html

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