Can you define finance in a phrase or in a few words?

Finance is intimately connected with our daily life activities from buying vegetable to investing in big projects. Can you define finance in a phrase or in a few words?  If you can’t, here how you can. The art of money management is finance.

Finance is all about every dealing and activity using money such as lending, borrowing, investing, selling, buying, earning, and spending, and so on. In fact, finance is a branch of applied economics. Finance is a French word which means the management of money. A number of concepts come from micro and macroeconomics.

Public finance consists of government concerns, debt issues, government expenditures, tax systems, and stabilizing policies. Those who are in the financial industry are associated with a variety of finance topics. Some of the topics are net income, cost of capital, yield, interest rates, financial statements, risks, returns, dividends, and so on.

It is very important to learn things from some reliable sources such as Google Finance, Blooming news, The SEC website, this blog, and our main site. Personal finance includes saving for retirement, health insurance, property insurance, buying insurance, cars, real estate, financing durable goods and paying for education. Finance is a very wide term.

Basically, there are two related activities that are involved: the way the money can be managed and the way the funds can be acquired. The term finance encompasses all the financial systems including all the financial activities, liabilities, assets, investments, credits, debits, banking, and financial oversight.

Acquiring the needed funds can be a challenging task especially for those who have not gone through the study of finance. This is why finance is beneficial for people belonging to all sections of the community regardless of gender, age, and religion. The best part is that you will be able to get a lot of idea of how to manage money.